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Kayden Turns Six

The boy turned all of six a week ago.

(I know... I am terrible with all these updates)

From the time he was born, I'd always talked about how life would when I am thirty. I would be the mother of a son who is at the brink of going to primary school.

It's incredible to see it all happening now.


It's a brilliant age.

The boy is independent and a very sociable fella. He has a group of friends in school that he hangs out with and has an incredible way of making friends whereever he goes.

He is curious and asks a million questions a day about how things work or why certain situations happen. It does take a patient mind to listen and answer his questions accordingly.

And as far as music lessons are going, it looks like he's taking to the violin really well. So here's hoping that he will be able to have a good journey with his strings.

He's  also the stubborn-est (is there such a word?) person I've ever known. You should see the verbal exchanges we have. Seriously, the boy cannot be broken when he sets his mind to do something. It's like watching an engineer concentrating on his mechanics. Drives me nuts sometimes.

He's still very much Daddy's boy. Loves to ask the husband to do everything with him but when it comes to reading, it's still very much Mummy's job. He's picked up so many words this year and is able to complete most books these days. =)

So what did we do on his birthday?

Well... he got to play soccer! And had such a blast with the sport. =) I have a feeling he would be a boy who likes his sports. Best thing about soccer? He got to run and run and run for an entire hour. And, still, it was barely a tinge of sweat for this boy.

And when the night came, we brought out some cupcakes for a lil birthday celebration.

Which was followed by a trip to Hong Kong's Disneyland.

More on that soon!

Back Post: K Turns 23 Months.

Dear K,

You turn 23 months today. Almost at the doorstep of turning two.

Mummy cannot believe that time has passed so quickly. You have grown so much in the last few months.

These days, you are no longer the little baby that needs to have me around all the time.

When we are home, you are happy to play by yourself. You will wander in and out of the bedrooms lugging your chosen toy along. You'll choose your DVD and then set it up in the DVD player, all by yourself. After which, you will put the old DVD back to its original casing. You love to sing and play pretend these days. And you love to read. Sometimes, you will plead with Mama to let you play with the IPad for a while.

These little steps are just little assertions of how independent you really are.

By far, my darling, you are way ahead of your brothers when they were your age. The way you act and speak does not reflect how old you are. It's really like seeing a mini me in action.

Sometimes you make me laugh the hardest when I am disciplining Korkor and you will either stand next to me or hide behind me and pretend to 'scold' him too. It is the most amusing but, of course, you will be told that this is not how you should be treating Korkors. And you will giggle and walk away.

You certainly act like both Daddy and me, both the good and the bad.

If only you know that you are only twenty three months, darling. There is still a whole wide world for you to explore.

You know, we are so glad that you love your food. There was a stage when I was away and you'd stop liking food and preferred milk. Well, I'm glad that we've sorted that out. You are such a happy little kid, willing to try most things we put in front of you. Sometimes, even the spicy ones. We'd think that you, out of three, are the most adventurous in food.

I was just telling Daddy that I let you get away with a lot of mischief because you are my last baby. And now that you are starting to understand the meaning of cause and effect, it's time that we start to teach you the right from the wrong.

It's really only a couple of months before you start school. And I'm worried that you will be really upset when I leave you behind. So I'm gonna enrol you in playschool for a bit to let you get used to the idea of school. Hopefully, you will adapt to it.

We brought you to Penang this month for Auntie T's wedding. And you were just the cutest little gal in a white dress. You were so well behaved on the plane ride to and fro. And we had so much fun traveling as a group. Grandpa loved having you as his companion for this trip. =)

It amazes me that you are growing so quickly and yet you are still little.

I love how cheeky you are and how you always bring a smile to the faces of people around you. I hope this would mean that you will always be the happy child that you are.

Happy 23 months, my little one.

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Of Fast Cars and Little Boys

The other day, my mother was casually asking J what he wanted to be when he grew up.

'A race car driver, Grandma', he said.

She, looking a little surprised said, 'No... you should try to be an accountant, or lawyer or doctor.'

Listening to that conversation made me snigger because I was thinking, 'Hey Ma! Being a race car driver is a smart choice and honestly so much less work for more money and fame.' LOL!

Anyway, I didn't add a word on their conversation but it did make me realise that the boy might like to see the F1 cars whiz by down at the Padang this weekend.

So, bright and early on Saturday morning, we went down to Raffles City Convention Center to buy tickets for D to bring the boys there. (whist they were in enrichment.)

After picking the kids up from their phonics class, we announced that we had a special treat for them if they behaved well that day.

(Which was really relative but still we had tickets so we all had to go, somehow.)
You should see the look on J's face when he saw the tickets. It was absolutely gold.

He had this sparkle in his eyes and a skip to his step. Too cute!

And can I say that I think Singapore did a brillant job in the organization of the F1 event.

There were ushers scattered at every junction of the route towards the track, helpers at the MRT stations to guide you towards the right station for the correct gate, minimal fuss at the entrance. We were pleased as punched to be in the event within minutes.

The boys had so much fun. It was humid though but my kids didn't care too much about that. They were just fixated on the cars that were just whizzing past. 

We wandered around the grounds towards the Padang and they were really enticed with the merchandising stands as Daddy was checking them out. There was plenty of peeps around and the kind gentleman at the Hard Rock Cafe stand gave them a free cola (a rare treat!) when they were queueing up to buy some water.

One of the highlights of the evening was meeting Lightning McQueen. The boys were so stoked!

We left after the trials and by then they were a lil hot and knackered. But they had a blast. And were really well behaved that evening. D and I brought them out for dinner and then my folks came to pick them up.

We then returned back to the circuit with our friends to catch the qualifiers and, of course, Shaggy.

Great night out with my boys! I love seeing the world through their eyes. =)


T's Wedding

The Tans in Penang.

Our purpose for the weekend in Penang was to attend a good friend's wedding.

T, an old friend from Melbourne was getting hitched.

We go a long way back. Back then, we were carefree peeps who loved nothing more than a party or two. We would do most things together in Melbourne. Going on road trips. Drinking it up at the Melbourne Cup. Those were the days. It's incredible thinking that time has passed so quickly.

Anyway, we brought the kiddos to the luncheon down @ the E&O Hotel. What a beautiful place it was. An old coloniel hotel, much like our Raffles Hotel, that exudes old school grandeur.

The food was delicious and we had such good company at the table. It was just lovely.

All dolled up for the evening

The next evening, we left the kiddos behind with my folks and headed up to the scenic Penang Hill for the dinner reception.

The setting at David Browns was just gorgeous. A white tent was set up for the wedding. Paper lanterns across the pond. A live band that worked the crowd. Plus, the weather was just cool and not humid.

I'll leave you with the pictures of the evening. <3

Isn't this beautiful?
Love this pic!
Loving the setting and the company of friends.


A Weekend at Gurney Land

Penang. Land of the Hae mee and Assam Laksa.

Both of which I adore. Funny that it is never in our travel plans.
All it took was a girlfriend to get married for us to explore this little town in the north of Malaysia.

Be warned. It was a sleepy weekend we had. We had little on the itinerary. Other than the two wedding events, we pretty much slept a lot, wandered around the shopping malls and ate a whole load of Penang Hawker food to last us for a very very long time. Bliss.

The secret to good hawker food is, firstly, to avoid the tourist crowd. We tried the famous Gurney Drive on our first evening and it was really just very average fare.

Thank goodness, my parents arrived the following day and saved us all from bad Penang food. They brought us to this stretch of street lined with with mobile food carts  called Jalan McAlister (close to the Sunway Hotel) and man! the food was just incredible. We had hae mee (prawn noodles), Lor mee, char kway teow, chendol, porridge, fried tofu & chicken wings, desserts and that delicious A-Pom. It was quite a spread and we lost our waist lines that night to all that array of food.

Another find we discovered was the corner coffee store at Jalan Penang. (If you are traveling, just tell the taxi driver that you want to go to the famous chendol store at Penang Road.)

This small nook of a place has only a few choices. A knock out char kway teow that had us waiting for 30 minutes. A pretty decent rojak. I didn't fancy the assam laksa. The husband thinks the goreng pisang in the little roadside cart was delish. And I liked the chendol - which had scores and scores of people queueing for that little bowl of jello filled gula melaka coconut dessert. (I suspect it's because it had a Phua Chu Kang photo there for a reason.

Overall, it was a good trip to discover the authenticity of Penang food. Our verdict. It's all such an affordable steal. And our tummies agree wholeheartedly. =)

G & Y's Wedding

About to take their vows.

If there is something the husband holds near to his heart, it is his bunch of good friends from school. The years that we've been together, I have seen how they go through the different phases in life together. (And this is just part of their journey.)

Over the weekend, one of the boys got married and we were there to celebrate his matrimony with his equally lovely bride.

Held in the gorgeous Suburbia in Sentosa, we had a great time catching up with friends. Thank goodness the weather held up cause the clouds were threatening to open up all evening.

Looking back at the photo montage, it's amazing how far these guys have come along, I mean, there was even a picture of Kayden only one week old in one of the pictures. How cool is that?

Most of all, it was an evening filled with love and anticipation of a new life. So to that we congratulate our friends with all the happiness and joy in the world!
Saying her I Do's
Catching up with old friends.

Can you believe these boys knew each other since they were twelve?


An Outdoor Bath

It was sweltering hot that day.

After running around the compound playing with her cousins, the little one was all hot and sweaty. Sticky as a honey bee. We'd filled a tub full of cool water and she happily lapped up the bath at the driveway.

Carefree and fun.

Just like how how we used to spend our childhood days.

My sister commented that kids these days don't play as much outdoors as we used to as kiddos. Which is pretty true to a certain extent. These days, the boys play so much more in indoor playgrounds as compared to an open aired one. (So that us mummies can natter in an air conditioned environment.)

D and I used to bring them to the beach once in a while but this has stopped lately due to all the weekend festivities that we have to attend.

Perhaps once this wedding(s) season ends, we can resume that again. =)
Grass patch Peeps


Last night, after a good work out at pole class, I came home to a husband trying desperately to teach Chinese to his six year old and wrestling to put the two year old to bed... all at once.

He wasn't having much luck, obviously. Especially when the little one is determined to create some havoc by running in and out of the bed room.

(Thank goodness, Jake was entertaining himself!)

It was a funny sight to behold. Despite the slowly diminishing patience of the man.

Tag team.

How important it is in a marriage. (and the sanity of a SAHM)

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Lil Miss Cheeky in a good mood. =)

I guess he should take comfort that at least he's got cute babies to deal with. =)